Fennel and Orange Salad - Papa Vince

Fennel and Orange Salad

Mediterranean / Whole30 / Paleo / Vegan Diet


    How to make

    1. Clean the fennel thoroughly.
    2. Cut lengthways and then slice thinly.
    3. Peel the orange and remove the thin skin that covers the pulp. As you do this, juice will come out. Make sure to collect it in a bowl.
    4. Cut the pulp into cubes.
    5. In a bowl, mix the juice with Papa Vince EVOO and Papa Vince Vinegar.
    6. Add Papa Vince Sea Salt to taste.
    7. Add pepper to taste.
    8. Add chopped parsley and serve.
    9. >Buon Appetito!!

    Preparation Time

    • Prep Time: 10 mins
    • Serves: 2 people


    Many Italians & especially Sicilians like to end a meal with sliced raw fennel, believing that this crisp vegetable will aid digestion.  Also known as sweet anise, it has a licorice like flavor and a crunchy texture.  Fennel paired with orange and a tangy vinaigrette, as in this recipe, makes a delightfully exotic salad!