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Great product

My sister gifted me this OO 3 years ago and I have been a customer ever since. I had to change over to a subscription because my daughter is always "borrowing" a bottle from me. I am very pleased also with customer service and appreciate the recipe suggestions.


The richness of this olive oil is incredible, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever bought, even from imports. Best Italian Olive oil I’ve ever had. If you want to live a life of quality, this is what you need to use for food.

Balsamic glaze

This balsamic vinegar glaze with royal jelly
is not only
but it is packed with nutrition!
We are always finding something to drizzle it on!
We appreciate the people and their fine products at papa Vince!
Thank you.

Oil tangerines

Keeping this oil in stock at our home is important to us, we find we use it very often, in chicken dishes, pasta dishes, and anywhere a splash of tangerine freshness is desired!


I brushed this on already oiled (with Papa Vince, of course) cod that I then baked and then tonight same routine with calamari tubes. Totally amazing, I was stunned. I baked the cod and lightly sautéed the tubes. I'm going to put it on scallops next and then on halibut. And I'm buying extra next time, for Christmas presents. I don't even eat salad and I never would have thought of buying this, but I was getting more oil anyway, which I love since I hate a strong taste of olive oil. Papa Vince's is my jam!

EVOO at its best!

Papa Vince is the best EVOO we have ever found! The quality is amazing so subscribe and save we did and we never run out. Also Papa Vince EVOO makes great gifts!

Olive oil with oranges

This is an excellent choice for chicken and pasta.
The fresh taste of oranges along with the superb flavor of papa Vince olive oil gives this item a 5 star rating in our book!

Always the best!!

This is the absolute best olive oil I’ve ever had, and I’ve tried many. Papa Vince oil is delicious, and worth every penny. Thank you Vitina for bringing this to us!!

Salad dressing

We like to use this on our salads very often! It makes the salads taste fresher and cleaner and we know it’s good and healthy for us.
Thank you papa Vince for your deep care and quality in the products you offer.

Best Olive Oil

I've been consumed this product and find it is the best olive oil and am satisfied about the quality and their service

I absolutely love this salad dressing! It has the best flavor & it goes a long way so you only need to use a little on salad. I’ve also used it on baked & grilled chicken, pork & fish. It’s a must try.

Lemon marmalade

This lemon marmalade is packed full of the simple but refreshing juice of lemons!
We now use it for pasta and shrimp dishes, stirring it into the hot sautéed shrimp,
it makes it so very delicious!
Also we use it stirred into morning yogurt for an additional flavor.
We purchased it just to try it,’s on our reorder list!
Thank you papa Vince for offering this item!

Chili olive oil

We ordered one each of regular olive oil and one chili pepper infused olive oil,
The chili olive oil has become my favorite, the taste and quality
Of this oil is outstanding!
It is Slightly spicy … and is just so delicious to use on practically all sautéed foods!
We have used it alot more often than we thought we would use It.
Thank you papa Vince for offering such clean and high quality oils!

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