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Papa Vince EVO

The best tasting olive oil on the market. Never oily and heavy tasting. We have used it for years.

Nothing taste better

I have a ounce a day in the morning, helps me start my day and I no longer have leaky gut or a digestion issues, been using since around 2015

The Real Deal

Papa Vince's Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sicily is excellent and perfectly pairs with the Balsamic Moscato. You will love every drop.

Excellent Quality

This is my 3rd order with Papa Vince. Their olive oil is top-notch.
Chili pepper olive oil is the best in America.
Papa Vince staff definitely know what they are doing, experts in the field.
Thanks Papa Vince.

The best!

Papa Vince is sooo good.(this is an update because I made a mistake in rating). And this company and products deserve the highest praise for quality


This Sicilian treat has been an amazing tool in my personal "battle of the bulge". The "contents" listing on the packages and bottles tells the story: simple foods without "additives". Papa Vince's outstanding product line has helped to to fast intermittently as I always have something exquisite to look forward to.

Great pasta!

Busiate whole wheat pasta is delicious. It is great to serve with Papa Vince tomato sauces on nights when you want to serve a special meal but have no time to cook.

So disappointed!

I have ordered this oil many times for both myself and for gifts. This last was dull and tasteless and so disappointing. Since it is more expensive than the ones I can buy in the supermarket I cannot imagine why I would ever order again. What happened to the oil that I loved?

Excellent Experience and Product

I’m beyond thrilled with the EVOO that I ordered from Papa Vince. It’s so delicious!! I also couldn’t be happier with their customer service!! I will be a customer for life!!

Great product!

Papa Vince olive oils is the only olive oils I will ever use. I found Papa Vince a few years ago and have never been disappointed nor do I worry about what is in it and/or what isn’t. The smell is wonderful but the taste is amazing. I also love their balsamic, delicious!

Pure taste - see & feel the health benefits❣️

I started using Papa Vince in June ‘22 because the EVOO came in small bottles for travel. I was doing a Whole30 at that time because I was having gut issues & my hair/skin/nails were dull. I’ve been using PapaVince EVOOs ever since & have never felt healthier! There is something to be learned by eliminating free radicals & consuming pure & natural. My nails used to be ridged/thin/brittle & now they are strong! I’m in my 50s & my hair & nails haven’t been this healthy since I was pregnant in my 20s! Heading out again for vacation with my small travel EVOO & balsamic - just clear polish on the toes & fingers. My gut issues are resolved too - thinking my ‘insides’ have benefitted as much as my hair/skin/nails!


I have tried many coffees in my lifed, whith my favorite being The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, then I tried Papa Vince Coffee and it was love at first sip. Papa Vince never ceases to amaze me and outdo themselves over and again. I tend to give them as gifts and suddenly people think of me as a health expert. I know this guy who literally wants to give me different brands of olive oil to try and say what i think. I always tell him that the only products I trust are of Papa Vince. I can hardly wait util Spring to fill up on Papa Vince's original coffee that is currently sold out. Thank you, Vitina, for making your Papa's dream come true.

Love the olive oil!

I love this olive oil. It makes all our food step up a level. I mostly use to finish something off or to make my pumpkin seed hummus!

The best of the best!

Im sooooo happy with ALL products Papa Vince products! I have become your unofficial sales rep lol..I turned several of my family members on Papa Vince after my Auntie turned me on to it. I dont just like it I LOVE it! If could give 10 stars I would!