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This was the first time I've had your pasta. It was delicious! Hearty, so tasty, I loved it! Thank you!


Like the taste, slight peppery. Been taking one tablespoon daily and also in cooking. Color is a pale yellow to green. Really glad I ordered this brand.

Great quality

Great quality!! We love that there is no pectins or other added ingredients. Thank you for a healthy product! We used it to cook shrimp and chicken. Adds a great flavor!

Papa Vince Olive Oil Extra Virgin - Unblended, Family Harvest, High in Polyphenols, Single Estate, First Cold Pressed, Sicily, Italy, Peppery Finish, Unfiltered, Unrefined,

The best!!!

I love good quality olive oil. And I adore lemons. Add the two together for a perfect ; healthy , delicious tasting salad dressing Ala Papa Vince Sicilian olive oil. Super yummy!

Tangerine olive oil

I ad this sent out to my friend in California. She absolutely loves the taste and the way it made her feel refreshed and renewed from the inside out.

Two shots is the way to go!

Simply the best of the best! We take a shot in the morning just before breakfast and a shot 30 minutes before dinner as well. Clean, fresh with a peppery back taste making Papa Vince the real deal towards clean eating and better health! A must for fresh summer salads and stir fry veggies always. Good eating to all.
Buono Buono.

Papa Vince Tomato Sauce

This sauce is so good, I don’t miss the onions and garlic. I’m happy to be able to have Italian food again.

Papa Vince Pasta Tomato Sauce: Low Acid Garlic-Free Formula, Low Sodium, No Onion No Added Sugars. Non-GMO Gluten Free. Organic Cherry Tomatoes made in Sicily Italy. Small Batch. Exceptional Taste

Love this olive oil

I love this oil. I have been buying it for my own use for years and I also buy as a present for close friends. I am 100% sure that it will not disappoint me and my friends are getting an outstanding quality product.

The best on the market

This is by far the best extra virgin olive oil I’ve tasted. I’ll be a customer for life.

Delicious 😋

We received our first bottle of Papa Vince Olive Oil Extra Virgin. It's wonderfuland we will be buying more! Thankyou.

- Unblended, Family Harvest, High in Polyphenols, Single Estate, First Cold Pressed, Sicily, Italy, Peppery Finish, Unfiltered, Unrefined,

Amazing quality

The quality and pure ingredients are very appreciated! Food is so hard to trust these days (so many chemicals and poor quality). We love the taste of the olive oil too! We finally found an olive oil we feel we can trust. The extra cost is worth it! Thank you for making a healthy product!!

Healthy is Happy!

This pasta has a rougher texture than cheap mass produced pasta. Personally I love the texture, but my daughter was not as much of a fan. If it was easy this would be the only pasta I would eat. Blessing to all ❤️

I love the quality of this EVOO. It’s not blended like some brands. It’s pure first pressed, cold pressed from a family farm in Italy. The taste is amazing!


I love this oil!
It’s the best tasting of the ones I’ve tried & I truly believe it’s brain food..


We love this high quality oil. Pappa Vince Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a true gem in the world of culinary delights. From the moment you twist open the cap, you're greeted with an aromatic embrace that transports you straight to the sun-kissed groves of Italy. As an avid home cook with a passion for quality ingredients, I can confidently say that Pappa Vince is a standout among its peers

Love these products

Have been purchasing this olive oil for a while. I briefly tried another, cheaper brand and came back to Papa Vince! I purchased a small bottle as a house gift when traveling (perfect for airline travel.)

Happy Body😃

My body is so happy to have”real” olive oil finally!! It knows the difference 👍🏻

Best Pasta, Hands Down

The 2 types of pasta sold by Papa Vince are vastly superior to any other pastas we have tried. Not only is the taste noticeably better, but also the texture. I occasionally send a care package of pastas and sauce to my daughter who has moved out of state. My family has always been very happy with all the Papa Vince products we have tried…not only the pasta and sauce, but the olive oil and vinegar too.

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