The truth about polyphenols and hydroxytyrosol- Papa Vince lab results


At Papa Vince, transparency is the cornerstone of our commitment to providing customers with the highest-quality extra virgin olive oil. While some producers, especially those from Morocco, make broad claims about their polyphenol content without providing concrete evidence (learn more about the truth behind Moroccan olive oil claims in our blog post "Does Moroccan Olive Oil Really Have the Highest Polyphenols?"), we firmly believe in supporting our assertions with empirical data. This is why we invest in annual, rigorous lab testing of our extra virgin olive oil, ensuring that our customers have access to the unvarnished truth about the exceptional polyphenol levels in the product they are purchasing.

We are proud to attach the lab test results for Papa Vince Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which speak volumes about the impressive levels of key polyphenols present, even after the sample was tested eight months post-harvest and that speaks to the efforts we’ve made for proper climate controlled storage since then.

European Regulation 432/2012 distinguishes olive oils based on their effect on health, depending on their content of these substances. It recognizes that olive oil polyphenols contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress if it contains at least 5 mg of hydroxytyrosol and its derivatives (oleuropein and tyrosol complex) per 20 g of olive oil.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil boasts impressive polyphenol levels:

  • Hydroxytyrosol: 16.8 mg/kg (3x the "high" level)
  • Oleacein: 86 mg/kg (3x the "high" level)
  • Oleocanthal: 168 mg/kg (surpassing the 150 mg/kg "high" threshold)
  • Tyrosol: 8 mg/kg (at the upper end of the 1-10 mg/kg "high" spectrum)

The superior hydroxytyrosol levels in Papa Vince's Extra Virgin Olive Oil provide solid evidence of its health-protecting properties, as recognized by European Regulation 432/2012. This high hydroxytyrosol content can be attributed to several key factors. Firstly, our oil is crafted from the renowned Nocellara del Belice olive variety, which is genetically predisposed to produce higher levels of hydroxytyrosol compared to other cultivars. Additionally, our meticulous cultivation practices, including high-elevation groves, early harvesting, rich soil, and sustainable, pesticide-free farming techniques, all contribute to enhancing the polyphenol content of our oil. To learn more about the extensive health benefits of hydroxytyrosol, visit our blog post "Hydroxytyrosol Benefits."

In stark contrast, many Moroccan olive oil producers liberally use the term "hydroxytyrosol" in their marketing materials, plastering it across their labels and advertisements without providing any concrete evidence to support their claims. These producers often make vague statements about their olive oil having "30X" or "10X" the amount of polyphenols compared to other oils, but they fail to clarify what these multiples actually represent or back them up with legitimate lab test results.


Papa Vince Hydroxytyrosol levels is 3x compared to other olive oils


Moreover, as discussed in our blog post "Does Moroccan Olive Oil Really Have the Highest Polyphenols?", the pursuit of extremely high polyphenol levels in Moroccan olive oils often comes at the cost of taste and overall quality. The excessive stress that olive trees are subjected to in order to boost polyphenol content can lead to an overly bitter, pungent, and unbalanced flavor profile that many consumers find unappealing.

At Papa Vince, we believe that such unsubstantiated claims and the sacrifice of taste for polyphenol content are not only misleading but also a disservice to consumers who are seeking genuine, high-quality extra virgin olive oil with proven health benefits. We understand that consumers are looking for reliable information about the polyphenol content of their olive oil, particularly when it comes to hydroxytyrosol, which has been extensively studied for its potential health advantages.

That's why we prioritize transparency and always provide lab test results to support our claims about the exceptional polyphenol levels in our extra virgin olive oil. Furthermore, our commitment to quality ensures that our high polyphenol content is achieved without compromising the taste and sensory experience of our olive oil. Our Nocellara del Belice extra virgin olive oil is carefully crafted to strike the perfect balance between health benefits and flavor, offering a rich, complex, and enjoyable taste profile that complements its impressive hydroxytyrosol levels.


Quality from Orchard to Bottle


We believe that consumers deserve to know exactly what they are getting when they purchase our product, and we refuse to engage in the kind of vague, unsupported marketing tactics or the pursuit of polyphenol content at the expense of taste that are all too common in the olive oil industry, particularly among Moroccan producers. With Papa Vince, you can trust that you are getting an exceptional extra virgin olive oil that delivers on both health benefits and flavor, backed by transparent lab testing and a commitment to quality.

Papa Vince Hydroxytyrosol and Polyphenol olive oil lab test
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