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What is EVOO?

People interested in Olive Oil don't always understand there are different types.  Many people ask "What is EVOO"?  EVOO is an acronym that stands for Extra Virgin Olive Oil and has become a noun in its own right after being coined by celebrity chef Rachael Ray on her cooking show.  It has become such a part of culinary vocabulary that it has been included in the Oxford American College Dictionary since 2007.

EVOO or Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the purest form of olive oil.  Although the specifications of what makes it extra virgin may vary from country to country there are some aspects that are universal.

  • It must only include the fruit of the olive tree.
  • Nothing can be added, no solvents or heat.
  • F
  • The only processes allowed are washing, decantation, centrifugation and filtration.
  • The full fatty acid content (FFA %) must be lower than 0.8%.

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Real EVOO should let you taste the flavor notes of the vegetation that surround the olive groves.  When you taste Papa Vince EVOO you will notice hints of tomatoes, artichokes, lemons or freshly cut grass in this grand aroma olive oil.  The olives pick up the nuances of their environment just like a fine wine is influenced by the flavors of its terroir. 

And don’t forget to watch out for the peppery kick at the back of your throat. When you experience a slight coughing sensation it’s the sign of the antioxidants in your oil that have been proven to boost overall health and lower the risk of certain diseases.