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Extra Virgin Olive Oil joins the fight against cancer

Most of us are looking for ways to live a higher quality of life where we can live in optimal wellness.  If we’re wise, we’ll look and learn from others who are further along the journey than we are, and we’ll see what lessons we can learn from them.

In the field of health and wellness, we often look at the Mediterranean cultures who have lower incidences of all kinds of disease.  It’s not just geography but it’s the lifestyle habits that they’ve embraced for centuries, and most importantly eating a diet that’s full of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and includes olive oil as the main source of fat.

Olive Oil is widely praised as a superfood due to its exceptional nutrient density and health boosting properties.  Bursting with anti-oxidants, Extra Virgin Olive Oil has the ability to fight inflammation and lower the risk of developing certain diseases including cancer.

The anti-oxidants in olive oil can reduce oxidative damage due to free radicals, which is believed to be a leading cause of cancer.  Numerous research studies have shown that a diet rich in olive oil reduces the risk of breast cancer, as well as bowel & colon cancer. (1)  The anti-oxidants not only help on the inside but can help to protect the skin from the oxidative rays of the sun.  In the sun soaked Mediterranean where much of life is lived outdoors, only 3 in every 100,000 residents get skin cancer.(2)

While it is not a cure all, regular consumption of a high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil can exert a protective effect against certain health conditions.  Not all olive oil is created equal so you have to make sure that you’re getting the right kind in order to reap the benefits.  It’s the oleocanthal which is a compound found naturally in non refined olive oil that has the cancer fighting properties and you know it’s present in the oil when you experience the peppery kick.

“When you eat Extra Virgin Olive Oil that has a high content of oleocanthal you get a little burning in your throat.  You may think it’s bad quality, but that’s the opposite - it’s the oleocanthal.”  Vasilis Vasiliou, Chair of Department of Environmental Health Sciences at Yale Cancer Center. (3)

This is what the experts are saying and this is what we tell you, to look out for the peppery kick that you experience at the back of your throat when you taste Papa Vince EVOO, it’s the anti-oxidants that are alive with flavor!  Just one more reason to keep adding raw Papa Vince Extra Virgin Olive Oil to your soups, salads & pastas and a great reason to start your day with a shot of EVOO. 

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