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Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Dark Chocolate for Heart Health

Did you know that you can add EVOO to absolutely everything?  

Research shows that a daily serving of dark chocolate enriched with EVOO is good for heart health, can lower the risk of cardio vascular problems, can give you sharper focus by boosting circulation to the brain and its satiating properties can reduce your cravings and weight gain.

The claims are based on a small study that was carried out at the University of Pisa in Italy in 2017.  A small number of volunteers were divided into 2 groups and took part in the experiment over 28 days.  One group was given 40g dark chocolate infused with EVOO every day while the other group consumed 40g dark chocolate enriched with an Italian red apple known as ‘Panaia’.  Both the EVOO and the red apple are known for their high level of anti-oxidants and heart health properties. 

At the end of the study the participants who consumed the EVOO infused chocolate showed a lower risk of cardio vascular disease than those who consumed the apple enriched chocolate.  These participants also showed a higher level of good cholesterol and decreased blood pressure at the end than before the study, while those who consumed the apple enriched chocolate did not experience any significant health changes.

While the study was very small, it does add to the growing body of research that supports the health benefits of EVOO .

If you’re an EVOO aficionado it’s another way to consume more of the nutritious liquid gold.  We decided to try it out!  You just need some good quality dark chocolate that contains more than 70% chocolate (we used Ghirardelli 86% which you can buy at most grocery stores) and then your premium Papa Vince EVOO which you drizzle on top of the chocolate.  As you can see in our photo, we coated our chocolate quite liberally with EVOO .  It tasted great to us and one more creative way to live in optimal health!