Papa Vince Pasta Tomato Sauce: Low Acid Garlic-Free Formula, Low Sodium, No Onion No Added Sugars. Non-GMO Gluten Free. Organic Cherry Tomatoes made in Sicily Italy. Small Batch. Exceptional Taste


Papa Vince Pasta Tomato Sauce: Low Acid Garlic-Free Formula, Low Sodium, No Onion No Added Sugars. Non-GMO Gluten Free. Organic Cherry Tomatoes made in Sicily Italy. Small Batch. Exceptional Taste


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Only 4 Ingredients - No Garlic, No Onion. Enjoy All of Those Classic Italian Flavors without Dread

Less Acidic Formula - By allowing our cherry tomatoes to fully ripen under the Sicilian sun at the foot of Mount Etna, they develop a natural sweetness and less acidity. Without the use of added ingredients or synthetic additives, our sauce maintains its authentic flavor profile, negating the need for preservatives, added sugars, or spices.

Garlic Free Tomato Sauce - Garlic-Free sauce ensures a smoother, more gentle flavor profile. By excluding garlic, we naturally lower the acidity, offering a comforting taste for those with sensitivities. Enjoy the rich, authentic taste of Italy in every bite, rich in antioxidants (Vitamin A & C), and without the worry of heartburn.

Sensitive Formula, No Added Sugar - Typical tomato sauces often add sugar to mask their high acidity, but Papa Vince opts for nature's way. Our cherry tomatoes, sun-ripened in Sicily, develop a robust flavor and natural sweetness, eliminating the need to reduce the acidity with added sugars. Cherry Tomatoes grown in volcanic soil tend to be naturally sweeter because the soil has a lower pH (less acidic) which increases the solubility of nutrients like phosphorus and potassium, important for plant growth and fruit development. Enjoy the genuine, richer taste of Italy, without the usual acidity or added sugars.

Low Sodium Tomato Sauce - Our low sodium tomato sauce is crafted to let the true, vibrant flavors of Italy shine through. By sparingly using just a pinch of sea salt, rather than the excess sodium found in traditional sauces used for preservation and acidity masking, we unveil the tomato's natural richness. With no overwhelming salt, garlic, or onions, our simple four-ingredient blend showcases the authentic Italian taste in its purest form. Savor a richer, more flavorful experience with our low sodium marinara sauce, elevating the authentic Italian essence of your culinary creations to new heights.

Artesian Spring Water & Glass-Canned Excellence - Our traditional glass canning method, coupled with the use of high-quality artesian spring water, ensures that each jar of tomato sauce is of the highest standard. The pure spring water, free from chlorine and heavy minerals, preserves the natural, vibrant taste of our tomatoes without any off-flavors. This meticulous process not only guarantees a clear, appetizing appearance but also enhances the rich, authentic flavor, rivaling the best homemade spaghetti sauce, in every spoonful, setting a new benchmark for quality in your kitchen.

Local Farming, Artisanal ExcellencePapa Vince not only cherishes the fertile volcanic soils of Mount Etna for cultivating our naturally sweet, low-acidity tomatoes but also prides itself on partnering with local Sicilian artisans. These skilled craftsmen, dedicated to preserving traditional methods, bring generations of agricultural knowledge to every jar of our tomato sauce. Together, we celebrate the rich, vibrant flavors born from the unique soil and the hands that nurture them, keeping tradition alive with every harvest.

No Mass Production: Small Batch Family Production - At Papa Vince, we honor the art of small-batch creation, where minimal processing is not just a technique, but a principle. This approach allows every jar of our tomato sauce to retain its peak freshness and inherent flavors without relying on preservatives or additives. Our dedication to traditional methods—like using glass jars and boiling water for canning—means we naturally bypass the artificial enhancers required in mass-produced foods. The result? A sauce that's not only pure, nutritious, and bursting with authentic Italian taste but also free from preservatives, artificial flavorings, and colorings, celebrating the true essence of what food should be. No natural or artificial flavoring, No coloring.

Lab Tested - No pesticides, insecticides, or herbicides are needed for our tomatoes. Mount Etna’s nutrient-rich volcanic soil, fostering an ideal environment for growth. Its porous structure promotes drainage and aeration, preventing waterlogged soil and root rot, allowing for the cultivation of robust tomato vines. This natural, wholesome approach lets you explore a spectrum of your favorite organic marinara variations and flavor profiles to your taste. End your culinary journey with the pure, vibrant essence captured in our organic spaghetti sauce.

Warm & Serve - simply drizzle a tbsp of Papa Vince EVOO to add some extra flavor and add to your favorite dish to bring Italy into your kitchen. Elevate any Italian meal with out ready-to-serve tomato sauce. Blend seamlessly with your favorite dishes, bringing the essence of Italy to your kitchen.

Versatile Health Journey Companion - Our tomato sauce is the perfect ally for any dietary path you're on, being a keto spaghetti sauce, vegan pasta sauce, vegan tomato sauce, and gluten-free spaghetti sauce all in one. Whether you're exploring keto, vegan, or gluten-free cuisines, Papa Vince provides a foundation for culinary creativity, allowing you to enjoy the rich, authentic taste of Italy tailored to your health preferences and dietary needs.

Italy & The Mediterranean Diet - are renowned for the good health and longevity of their inhabitants. That’s largely due to the wholesome diet native to the region - including plenty of olive oil, pasta and tomato sauce! Papa Vince Tomato Sauce brings you all the benefits of the Mediterranean diet in one bottle.

Perfect With Almost Every Italian Meal - Great Cooking. Excellent Taste, High in Antioxidants (Vitamin A & C) Why not give it a try?


About Papa Vince

Owner - Papa Vince

My family has been growing, harvesting and pressing its own Extra Virgin Olive Oil since 1935. Our orchards are located in Sicily, Italy.

Papa Vince entered the US market in March 2013. Since then, the excitement that our customers share daily through emails, phone calls and in social media has catapulted us to expand our tent beyond Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

In 2016 we decided to partner with local artisans in Sicily to bring to you, our customer, the highest quality possible pastas, tomato sauces, vinegars, sea salt, marmalades and coffee, all made in Sicily by locals with local products. 

Papa Vince is a small family business. Our goal is to restore the joy of family and friends sitting around the table to enjoy an incredible meal - just like the ones Grandma used to make. Once you taste Papa Vince foods we are convinced you will become part of our family. It’s the Italian way – to make friends, with good food around the table. 



Clean Eating Food -All our products follow the same quality guidelines:

Papa Vince’s Products

No pesticides

No insecticides

No herbicides


No glyphosate used in farming practice

No enhancers

No additives

No preservatives

No artificial or natural flavors

No synthetic fibers

No synthetic vitamins

No bleaching

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With glyphosate used in farming practice

With enhancers

With Additives

With Preservatives

With artificial & natural flavors

With synthetic fibers

With synthetic vitamins

With bleaching

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
G.G. (Alexandria, US)
Silly Question?

Not at all silly! I have to severely limit acidity in the food I eat. The tomato sauce is delicious; I add a pinch of baking soda to bring it to pH7 neutrality, and you cannot tell the difference. I also add a pinch of asafoetida (also called hing) which adds the flavor of garlic and onions without some of the difficulties that some folks have with those 2 allium bulbs. I assure you that the good ingredients are not marred by those 2 tiny additions, and I can enjoy a spicy meal of gnocchi alla marinara without tummy issues.

Cordiali saluti…Giorgio

R.L. (Clermont, US)
Very tasty!

We will be ordering more.

K. (White Lake, US)
Great Product!

I recently ordered the tomato sauce. It is fresh and great tasting.

R.S. (North Attleboro, US)
Love the olive oil!

I love this olive oil. It makes all our food step up a level. I mostly use to finish something off or to make my pumpkin seed hummus!

J. (Millsboro, US)

These products, the pasta (or macaroni as folks called it in my childhood), the tomato Sauce, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, really everything, are foods you can get nowhere else. It is a dream, ancient grain NOT enriched by added substances or genetically modified. You must eat it to experience how well you will feel versus ordinary foods so universally altered. Mangiare - you will be happy!


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