What Does Giving mean to you? - Papa Vince

What Does Giving mean to you?

It's Giving Tuesday, a day that encourages people to do good and be generous.  This may involve donating financially to a charitable cause, giving a gift for no reason or helping someone in need.  Every act of generosity counts to transform our communities into a better place.

Giving usually means sacrifice but it often comes with greater reward, just like the Bible tells us, “it’s better to give than to receive.”  Giving is a vehicle that takes us out of our little world and allows us to connect with the larger world around us.  It’s like sowing a seed in the ground, you never know how much fruit it will produce until it’s harvest time.

 Many years ago in Sicily, Italy, when Papa Vince was still a teenager, he discovered this almost medicinal quality Olive Oil while working as an apprentice for the Knight of DeStefani.  At the time this kind of oil was only available to the nobility, everyone else had to be content with second best but Papa Vince had a God given dream to discover how to make this oil himself and with it, to bless as many people as possible.



Papa Vince with olives


It took many, many years of toil, selfless giving and perseverance for Papa Vince to start seeing this dream come to pass.  It meant continuing along a path when adversity set in and unknown voices were telling him to turn back.  Papa knew that this olive oil was far too beneficial to keep to himself and with the thought of being able to help others, he stayed on the pathway to his dream.

As the years passed, Cousin Vito took up the baton and continued where his grandpa had left off.  In 2013 Stefano & Vitina brought Papa Vince Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the US for the first time.  Despite the risk and the upward road that loomed before them, they believed in this dream of giving so many others the gift of health.  Six years later,  every time any member of our team hears a client tell us that our oil has had a positive impact on their life & health, we know that this journey is worthwhile.

If you take a moment to read the proverb on our bottle, the message is the same: “Don’t be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams.”  As we celebrate another Giving Tuesday, my advice to you would be to do whatever is in your heart that will benefit others.   

Be blessed today & also remember that being able to receive is an integral part of giving too!