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What Can I Eat on the Mediterranean Diet?

In our home we love to follow the Mediterranean diet plan, probably because it naturally follows some of the principles I’ve been taught since childhood.  It is inspired by the traditional diets of people who live around the Mediterranean Sea, especially in Greece & Southern Italy, who are documented to be some of the world’s healthiest populations. 

The Mediterranean diet mirrors principles of good nutrition and it has documented health benefits especially for heart health, mainly due to the copious amounts of olive oil. 

It's not just what you eat that matters but how you eat your meals. 
Eating good nutritious food while enjoying the company of friends & family,  can have a positive impact on your mental & emotional health.

Did you know?:  In Mediterranean countries the average consumption of olive oil is 13 liters per person per year which corresponds to 3-4 tbsp per day.  Here people live long and healthful lives, which is often attributed to the consumption of olive oil and its positive impact on human health.

In the US the average consumption of olive oil is 1 liter per person per year which is around 1/2 teaspoon per day.  Here we have sickness, disease and an obesity epidemic going on around us and that’s why we prefer to follow the Mediterranean diet instead of the Standard American Diet.


Mediterranean Diet Infographic


What to Eat: 

Fresh fruits & vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, fish, chicken, herbs & spices, cheese, eggs … and even pasta & red wine are allowed!  Add lots & lots of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) to every dish to enhance the flavor.

What Not to Eat:

This diet is not as restrictive as others but it doesn’t allow for much red meat and no butter, but you don’t need it just use EVOO instead.

A word of caution:  Enjoy your meals but be aware of portion size, especially with the red wine & pasta.

Suggested Recipes:  most of the recipes on our website can be eaten as part of the Mediterranean diet.  Here are just a few:

The Mediterranean Diet has recently been voted the top diet for the 3rd year in a row.  It's easy to incorporate into your daily life, you can enjoy good food, good times and good health!