Start your day with Papa Vince COFFEE

Papa Vince is proud to introduce a coffee which combines the perfect blend of taste and health benefits.  We hope that you love it as much as us and that you can start every day with Papa Vince coffee!

As we continue to expand our product range at Papa Vince, every new product has the same requirement, it must meet our standard of excellence that has always been set by our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  That’s why it’s taken so long to introduce our own exclusive blend coffee, we had to find a coffee that matches the quality of our EVOO.

After much searching we found a coffee roaster named Marcello in Castel Vetrano, our neighboring town in Sicily, who has been perfecting the roasting technique since 1966 and understands the art of producing an exquisite coffee.

Marcello continues to use a traditional wood fired roaster.  Roasting is the process that transforms the green coffee beans with no aroma into the dark chocolatey looking beans with which we are familiar.  The way that this process takes place determines the flavor, the texture and the acidity of the coffee.

Papa Vince’s coffee beans are roasted at lower temperatures for a longer duration than most commercial roasters. 

This results in a coffee:

  • with a more balanced, sweet and smooth finish
  • one you can enjoy without any added cream or sugar
  • With no burnt or bitter aftertaste
  • With lower acidity levels that is easier to digest
  • Full of health boosting anti-oxidants

The coffee is roasted in Sicily and immediately shipped to our US warehouse.  It comes in a breathable package with a one way air valve which helps to retain the quality of the coffee for an extended period of time.

We decided to offer only whole bean coffee because it guarantees a freshest tasting coffee & a delightful aroma.  Stefano explains more about whole bean coffee & how to grind it, in this short video below.

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