How to make Coffee in a Moka Pot

It's so easy to make coffee in a Moka Pot just like they do in Italy.  Make sure you grind your coffee beans first, than all you need is to add filtered water to the bottom chamber, put your coffee in the basket and then put it on the stove.  Vitina shows you how easy it can be!

Italians don't use all the fancy coffee machines that the Americans like to use.  In our family we always use a Moka Pot just like they do in Italy.  I'll show you in a few easy steps how to make your coffee.

  1. Grind your beans just before you make your coffee.  This will give you a better flavor & aroma and a better tasting cup of coffee.
  2. Fill the bottom chamber with filtered water.
  3. Then place the basket on top and fill it with your ground coffee.  Don't pack it too tight!
  4. Fasten it together and place on a hot stove.  As the water heats, the pressure of the steam forces the water up to the top chamber.
  5. Once it starts bubbling, you know that it's nearly ready.  Wait for all the coffee to come into the top chamber and you have a beautiful tasting pot of coffee!

Make sure you use Papa Vince whole bean coffee which is roasted in Sicily and has a smooth, sweet flavor with no bitter aftertaste.  It's also lab tested and certified to be pesticide, mold & toxin free.  It's healthy coffee full of anti-oxidants!

Watch Vitina in the video below as she shows you how easy it is to use a Moka Pot and you get great tasting coffee every time!

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