Extra Virgin Olive Oil vs. Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil vs. Olive Oil - Papa Vince

Both Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and Olive Oil are made from the fruit of the olives. And yet their nutritional properties are significantly different.

#1: Extraction

Oil can be extracted by using Physical Forces ( Pressed ) or by Chemical Reactions ( Refined )

EVOO: is naturally extracted by using physical forces only. EVOO is literally the squeezed juice of the fruit of the olives.  

Olive Oil: is extracted by using chemical reactions. Chemical solvents like hexane ( a petroleum derivatives ) and high temperatures are used to dissolve the fruit of the olives. Once dissolved, the oil is separated from the solvents by using chemical filters. Then flavor is adjusted by blending or using more chemicals. This is why olive oil is a refined product.

Conclusion: EVOO is extracted naturally preserving this way all the compounds including polyphenols, vitamins and phytonutrients that makes it so healthy. On the other hand, Olive Oil is extracted chemically. The final product has been stripped of most antioxidants, vitamins and phytonutrients. 

#2 Health Properties

Though regular olive oil is high in monounsaturated fats, its health properties cannot be compared to those of EVOO. Why?

EVOO: According to research, extra virgin olive oil has more polyphenols than regular olive oil. Polyphenols are a type of antioxidant, and they have many but many health benefits.  

Olive Oil: Refined olive oil is stripped of most of its vitamins, polyphenols, and active natural compounds that contributes to health.

#3 FFA

FFA (Free Fatty Acid) measures the condition of the fruit of the olives at the time of processing. The lowest the number, the fresher the fruit.

EVOO: The IOC assigns grades to extra virgin olive oils based on the percent of fatty acid and nutrient content present. The lower the FFA, the higher the grade and nutritional content. Papa Vince boasts a FFA < .26

Olive Oil: It’s a refined product. There is no FFA to measure. The condition of the fruit at the time of refinement is of no importance since the product is chemically extracted. In other words, it is OK to use rotten olives to make olive oil.

#3 Smoke Point

The smoke point is the temperature at which the oil begins to break down, become carcinogenic, and release smoke into the air. In other words, it is when the oil starts to burn. Sautéing on the stove equates to a temperature of around 120°C (250 °F), deep-frying is usually in the range 160-180°C (260 - 360 °F) and roasting in the oven 180°C (360 °F).
It is not often you would cook at any temperature higher than this!

EVOO: High in Antioxidants EVOO has a smoke point > 375 This means that Papa Vince EVOO can be used safely for cooking and deep-frying!
Learn more about: Can I use EVOO for cooking?

Olive Oil: Because refined oils are lower in trace nutrients and free fatty acids, they usually have a higher smoke point. While it’s difficult to determine an oil’s exact smoke point, a range can provide a good estimate. Some sources put the smoke point of olive oil somewhere around 374 – 405°F

#4 Smell & Taste

EVOO: Extra virgin olive oil has a pleasant grassy smell with hints of fruits and bitterness and a slight peppery finish taste.
Learn how to taste Extra Virgin Olive Oil with cousin Vito: 3 Easy Steps to taste Extra Virgin Olive Oil like a Pro

Olive Oil: It has more of a chemical smell ( due to the solvents and chemical filter used ) and the taste tends to be a bit musty & rancid ( think of old nuts saved in your pantry for years.)


Since Olive Oil is a refined product void of antioxidants and vitamins, its health benefits are very limited, almost nulled. The presence of antioxidants (Vitamin E and K) and polyphenols is what makes Extra Virgin Olive oil one of the healthiest oils on earth.

Your health is the best investment you can make. Don't fool yourself thinking that your health insurance will take care of you when you are old. It will but... not in the way you imagine.

We at Papa Vince believe that we can change the planet through food. Our goal is to empower people with foods that truly deliver health. Our dream is to see people living at their full potential of energy and health. Take charge of your health now. What a better way to start doing so by consuming a spoon of extra virgin olive oil daily?

The content in this blog is for informational purposes only, and should not be taken as professional medical advice.

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