Can you use olive oil in a cake? - Papa Vince

Can you use olive oil in a cake?

YES!! In fact, you should do all your cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. WHY?

1 - Extra Virgin Olive Oil increases the nutrient content of your food. 
Most nutrients (vitamins and minerals) are fat soluble. In other word, adding fats facilitates absorption.

2 - Extra Virgin Olive Oil has antioxidants. 
This is not true for any other oil including avocado and coconut Oil. In fact, the presence of antioxidants makes extra virgin olive oil even more stable than coconut oil when cooking. 

3 - ANTIOXIDANTS in extra virgin olive oil SLOW DOWN AGING. 
Therefore, why not choose extra virgin olive oil for baking?

4 - Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the JUICE of the OLIVES. 
Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained by pressing/squeezing the oil from the fruit of the olive. This is why is so healthy!!

5 - Have you ever considered how vegetable oil, corn oil, soy oil or any seed oil is made? 
Chemical solvents and chemical filters like Hexane are used to extract oil from vegetables and seeds. To me, this is a very important consideration when it comes to the health of my body.

6 - Finally, Does extra virgin olive oil really change the flavor of your food? 
Again, the answer is NO. In fact, it enhances it making it lighter and tastier.

If you have never bake with extra virgin olive oil, 
I challenge you to do so.

Below is a link to Nonna's famous Apple Cake.
Believe me, this cake is SIMPLE, DELICIOUS and HEALTHY.

[CLICK HERE] to get Nonna's Apple Cake Recipe.

There is a video at the end of the page. Make sure to scroll down. 

NOTE: The recipe calls for the classic extra virgin olive oil but My Mom and I have used the Lemon extra virgin olive oil instead and OH BOY, the CAKE TURNED OUT MORE DELICIOUS THAN EVER. Give it a try!!