Papa Vince Non Enriched Whole Wheat Rigatoni - Organic Italian Ancient Heirloom Grain Pasta, High Protein, High Fiber, Low GI, Non-GMO, Slow Dried, Bronze Die Cut


Papa Vince Non Enriched Whole Wheat Rigatoni - Organic Italian Ancient Heirloom Grain Pasta, High Protein, High Fiber, Low GI, Non-GMO, Slow Dried, Bronze Die Cut



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Gluten Sensitivities

“Discovered this pasta on Amazon and ordered because of its low gluten rating. I have had to give up pasta due to a gluten allergy(not celiac) and histamine reaction. But I love pasta. So far I have made two amazing meals once week apart with the amazing result of no allergic reaction. I cannot use tomatoes so the delicious olive oil and butter along with garlic and parmesan cheese made me smile all day. Thank you so much for returning to growing this amazing ancient grain despite the fact that it is not a mass produced money maker. It means so much to me and my family. Ciao Ciao!!!”

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Enjoy Pasta Again!

Gluten, But Not As You Know It

The Sicilian Ancient Grain Secret to Digestibility

Ancient Grains, cherished for their natural lower gluten content, boast an untouched gluten molecule—far from the modified "frankengluten" found in modern GMO varieties.

At Papa Vince, we pride ourselves on preserving the original gluten structure, which is inherently weaker and more digestible than its contemporary counterparts.

This fundamental difference makes our pasta not only supportive of anti-inflammatory diets but also ensures it's gentle on your digestive system, leaving you free from the discomfort of bloating.

This leads us to the following question: Is gluten different in Italy than in the United States? The answer is YES.

Why? The processes involved in wheat production and pasta making in Italy are more respectful of the wheat, resulting in a different gluten composition.

Italy emphasizes traditional methods without the extensive enrichment, sulfites, emulsifiers, bleaching, and unnatural additives commonly found in American wheat products. These processes in the U.S. can lead to issues beyond gluten itself, affecting gluten quality and potentially causing problems for individuals who are not celiac but sensitive to these additives.

Therefore, the distinct approach to wheat processing in Italy contributes to a gluten composition that is perceived to be more tolerable and beneficial for many individuals, even those without celiac disease.

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Ana Ana

FINALLY BACK TO EATING PASTA! Best tasting pasta I've ever had. I've avoided pasta the past several years due to gut issues and bloating, but this pasta gives me no stomach problems AT ALL. I'm sitting here after finishing 2 large bowls of meat sauce and pasta with NO bloating, lethargy, or heart burn. I really thought I was allergic to gluten. Maybe the truth is I'm allergic to all the toxic food here in the States. I'll be buying from nowhere else but from you guys. Amazing product, 10/10!

Dan Dan

THE ONLY PASTA I CAN EAT IN AMERICA! I am gluten-free and have been for over five years. I have several kids with celiac disease. I’ve followed a few people who told me that I could eat pasta while in Italy. I recently took a trip there, and it was true, I could eat bread and pasta. There was no stomach issues. So when I got home, I searched until I found a product to try and I did it very reluctantly. This pasta surprised me! It tastes like the pasta in Italy, and I had no repercussions on my stomach. I shared it with other gluten-free family members, and it was the same all around. There really is something to eating ancient grains, and Papa Vince has made the difference so that we can eat pasta again while at home in the US. I’ve only been home from Italy for three weeks, and I have made two orders for their pasta. I would have no problem, trusting all of their products! And I’m so grateful to be able to get it while at home in the US.

Jenn Jenn

EXCELLENT QUALITY AND VALUE! I bought this pasta in search of something that would be better than Gluten free. Traveling in Europe, and having gluten intolerance, I learned their ancient wheat products have little to no effect with gluten sensitivity. I can finally eat great pasta here at home, without compromise! Great flavor, texture, and no gluten reaction!!!



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All our Pastas follow the same quality guidelines

Papa Vince Pasta

Non-GMO Ancient Grains

Heirloom Cultivation

Low Gluten content

Weak Gluten, easier to digest

No Glyphosate used in farming practice

No Bleaching



Cold-Stone Grounded

No Pesticides

No Herbicides

No Insecticides

No Irrigation - Conserves Water

No Synthetic Fibers

No Synthetic Vitamins

Generic Pastas

Modern Grains

Intensive Hybridization

High Gluten content

Strong Gluten, more difficult to digest

With Glyphosate used in farming practice




High-Temperature Steel Milled

With Pesticides

With Herbicides

With Insecticides

With Irrigation

With Synthetic Fibers

With Synthetic Vitamins


All the A’s to your Q’s about Our Low Gluten Artisanal Pasta

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