• Is it thick and syrupy, or runny like grocery store balsamic vinegars? +

    • Our balsamic vinegar is designed for salads. We cooked our freshly harvested grapes to make fresh must and then mix with our fresh wine. The percentage of wine, determines the thickness of the final product. We mix about 20% grape must to 80% fresh wine. Then we add our 41-year old starter and age for 8 years in wood. Next year we are planning to introduce our balsamic glaze. This will be definitely thicker. Please note that our vinegar it is not made from concentrate therefore it will not taste like sugar. Instead, it is made with fresh must, fresh wine aged 8 years in wood. Once you put a drop in your mouth, the difference will become very evident.

  • Why is this called balsamic vinegar in the title, but it's actually red wine vinegar? it's not igp certified either. +

    • As you may know, balsamic also means from Modena. Papa Vince Vinegar is not from Modena. Instead, it is made in Sicily using the same principles of balsamic. Differently than most mass produced balsamic(s) in the industry today, Papa Vince vinegar is NOT MADE from "GRAPE CONCENTRATE". Our vinegar is made from new wine, aged for 8 years and made vinegar when combined with our 41 year old starter. When you taste Papa Vince Vinegar, you will be amazed at its fruitiness and addictive wine after taste.

  • Is this aged in heirloom casks? (they were lined with lead which is why balsamic vinegars can contain high levels)? +

    • We do not add sulfites. They are naturally occurring. We use cabot and cherry wood. They do not have a lead lining.

  • What percentage alcohol does it have? +

    • Less than 1%. 

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