• Are these tomatoes peeled and seeded? +

    • Yes, the tomato sauce is peeled and seeded. Ready to warm and serve on top of your tomato sauce. It is specially delicious when you sprinkle some of Papa Vince Extra Virgin Olive Oil on top of it.

  • Are the tomatoes Organic? +

    • They have NO PESTICIDES, NO HERBICiDES, NO INSECTICIDES. In fact, THEY ARE CLEAN FOOD because they have NO PRESERVATIVE, NO COLORING, NO ADDITIVES, NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS. It has only 4 ingredients: Tomatoes, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt and Basil. There is tomato sauce in the market only made with ingredients that you can pronounce.

  • What is the shelf life? +

    • The shelf life is 2-years from the date of harvest.

  • Is the description and price correct? 4 bottles for over $40? +

    • Yes, the price is right!! We have chosen to make our Tomato Sauce with RIPENED TOMATOES. This choice is very costly but it keeps us from having to add chemicals and coloring and preservative and artificial flavorings to our tomato sauce. Check the ingredients: ONLY 4 INGREDIENTS: Cherry Tomatoes, Basil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Salt. ALL INGREDIENTS YOU CAN PRONOUNCE. Our tomato is so sweet that it has NO ADDED SUGAR! We have chosen to pay farmers more instead of chemical engineers. We have also chosen to use GLASS BOTTLES because it is the only container that keeps the nutrients and the flavor of the tomato sauce intact. The later increases shipping and storage costs significantly. HONESTLY, we are proud of our choices because The HEALTH OF OUR CUSTOMERS MATTERS TO US. Entering the USA market has been hard and yet full of joy. We read over and over the emails of customer who thank me daily for bringing food that is free from chemicals. We make it a point to read these emails daily because We refused to give in to the FEAR OF PRICE. I suppose we are STUBBORN SICILIANS that endeavor to bring back the joy of getting together around the table with family and friends to enjoy that perfect tomato sauce that only Grandma knew how to make. This is how we, Sicilians, make friends around the table.

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