• Grams fiber and grams carbohydrate per serving? +

      1. Fiber 6g/serving (24% DV)
      2. Carb 40g/serving (13% DV)
      3. Sugars 0g/serving
      4. Protein 7g/serving
  • Never heard of this variety before, has this variety been artificially hybridized with chemicals and radiation by man? +

    • NO, This is TRUELY AN ANCIENT WHEAT from Sicily!!

      These cereals yield less than common wheat, but they are more nutritious and much richer from an organoleptic point of view. In other words, they are not as profitable, but they are much better for you. Tumminia also called Tumilia is an ancient variety of wheat native to Sicily. This particular ancient variety was no longer cultivated in the 1950’s because:

      1. It did not meed the minimum yielding standards to be profitably cultivated in mass 
      2. It is intolerant to pesticides, insecticides and herbicides.

      Recent research proved that Tumminia has lower gluten content than common wheat, and that is particularly rich in fibers, vitamins and oligo-elements.Tumminia is also a product at risk of extinction. 

  • Iron content? +

    • The Iron content is 4% of Daily Value based on a 2000 calorie diet.

  • What is the difference between durum and tumminia flour used in these pastas? +

    • Tumminia is an ancient hard wheat cultivated mainly in the Valley of Belice in western Sicily, Italy. It is the main ingredient of the famous Castelvetrano’s Slow Food designated pane nero (black bread). This wheat has 6X the amount of NATURAL OCCURRING fiber than most popular grains.

      Durum is also an ancient hard wheat. In fact, it is the most popular wheat used to make bread and pasta. When compare to tumminia, this wheat has 6X less the amount of fiber.

      Both Papa Vince pastas (Tumminia and Durum) are made exclusively with semolina. Compared to white flour, semolina is granular and has an intense color because it contains carotenoids and fibers. NOTE: semolina is not a type of wheat is a type of milling.

  • Preservatives in it ? +


      Can I share a secret?

      NO SYNTHETIC FIBERS ADDED. This is why this pasta is low acid, easier to digest and reduces sugar rush

  • Is the grain soaked/sprouted? +


  • Why is white Flour on it It almost looks miss colored? +

    • This pasta contains NO WHITE FLOUR. This pasta contains NO ENRICHED FLOUR. This pasta is made with an ancient grain called, Tumminia. This is the natural color of the grain. It has 6X the fiber than most of the popular grains in the market. It has NO SYNTHETIC FIBER. We stone-ground the grain and keep all its parts, including the fiber. This is why this pasta has an awesome Al Dente texture and an delicious taste.

  • The description here says that this is "whole grain" pasta, but the ingredients list does not say that. Is it really whole grain? +

    • Yes, it is whole grain. It contains the 3 part of the grain: the original bran, the original wheatgerm and the original endosperm. I place emphasis on the word original because most whole wheat is made with processed fiber, processed wheatgerm and processed endosperm coming from different sources, not necessarily the original seed. This particular wheat, tumminia, has more bran than the popular grain. If you look at the nutritional panel you will notice a 24% fiber which is 4X higher than popular wheat. This percentage was not acquired by adding more processed bran to the mix. It is actually the content of fiber of each single seed. Also, if you look at the nutritional panel, you will see 0% sugar. The best thing about tumminia is that it has a wonderful taste and it is super easy to digest: no bloating after eating, no intestinal inflammation, no sugar rush.

  • What is the weight of each package? +

    • The weight of each bag of pasta is 1.1 lb. Since there is 2 bags on each package, you get a total of 2.2 lb with each purchase.

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