Vanilla Ice Cream with Lemon Olive Topping - Papa Vince

Vanilla Ice Cream with Lemon Olive Topping

Mediterranean Diet 


How to make

This dessert idea is so easy!

  1. Put the scoops of vanilla ice cream into a pretty dessert dish.
  2. Pour the lemon olive oil on top.
  3. Serving options include:  adding some Papa Vince Sea Salt or chopped nuts for extra crunch or serving with berries, other fruits or an Italian cookie.


You may think that olive oil is reserved for appetizers and entrees and maybe even drinking that single shot in the morning to boost your health.  Who says that Extra Virgin Olive Oil doesn't also make a delicious dessert?

You know the Italians, they put their Extra Virgin Olive Oil on everything and ice cream is no exception.   Top Italian Chefs inspired this idea and it's being served at Italian coffee shops and trendy restaurants, it's a must try for all adventurous foodies, so of course we had to give it the taste test!

Research shows that a variety of taste sensations (sweet, salty, spicy) better satisfy the taste buds than a single dominant flavor and that's why the combination of the creamy vanilla ice cream and the sweet yet tart Lemon Olive Oil works so well!  

We all need a little sweet treat from time to time and this one tastes so much better than store bought toppings which are full of ingredients that you can't pronounce.  Papa Vince Lemon Olive Oil contains only crushed lemons and olives and is full of anti-oxidants and vitamins A, B6, E & K1, it's the best guilt free dessert!  You can always make your own ice cream and make it even healthier!