Pasta all'Arrabbiata

Pasta all'Arrabbiata - Papa Vince

Mediterranean / Vegetarian / Vegan

Pasta all'Arrabbiata is an Italian dish with a delicious flavor that can be prepared in just 30 minutes. It uses classic Italian ingredients, like spaghetti or penne pasta, tomato sauce, fresh basil, parmesan cheese, and extra virgin olive oil.

The tangy Arrabbiata sauce is usually made with garlic, red pepper flakes, and tomatoes simmered together to create a flavorful blend of spices. Adding freshly grated parmesan cheese on top before serving gives the dish a creamy texture and salty bite that pairs wonderfully with the pasta's al dente texture. This simple yet flavorful combination makes it a perfect meal for any occasion.

Serves: 4 Servings - Prep & Cook Time: 30 min


How to make

(1) Heat the extra virgin olive oil in a saucepan, and gently sauté the garlic over medium-high heat until fragrant. Once aromatic, remove it from the pan and discard.

gently sauté the garlic over medium-high heat until fragrant. Once aromatic, remove it from the pan and discard

(2) Reduce the Papa Vince Cherry Tomato Sauce by boiling it until its volume is halved.

Reduce the Papa Vince Cherry Tomato Sauce by boiling it until its volume is halved.

(3) Fuse the thinly spread Tomato Sauce and crushed red peppers, then bring down the heat to low. Sway until it gives off an aroma, about 4 minutes; afterwards add in your freshly picked Cherry tomatoes.

Step 3 for making Pasta all'Arrabbiata

(4) Gently simmer the sauce over moderate heat, stirring occasionally until it is slightly reduced in volume - about 8 minutes. Once done, taste and season with salt for that perfect flavor!

Reduce the sauce - about 8 minutes

(5) In the meantime, bring a large pot of water to a boil, and season until it tastes as salty as the sea. Add the pasta, and cook two minutes less than the package instructions or just before al dente. Drain the pasta, reserving the cooking water. 
Remember: add the Sea Salt after the water has boiled - not before!!

Boil pasta - like an italian!

(6) Gently add the pasta to the sauce and stir until everything is evenly distributed. Let it simmer for 1-2 minutes, adding a bit of cooking water if necessary in order to ensure that the noodles are perfectly coated with flavor.

Combine flavors

(7) Once cooked to perfection, dish out the timeless Italian classic and lavish it with freshly grated cheese, some shredded basil leaves, and a generous glaze of Papa Vince Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Dig in quickly for that 'al dente' texture!


Want an additional spicy finish? Drizzle with Papa Vince Chili Pepper Extra Virgin Olive Oil…

Use Papa Vince Chili Pepper Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Papa Vince Chili Pepper Olive Oil Extra Virgin is truly a unique and special product. It is made with olives from a single estate in Sicily, Italy; produced by one family and cold-pressed for the best quality.

This single-source olive oil is unblended, unfiltered and unrefined, so it retains its full flavor and robust aroma. It's also high in antioxidants and polyphenol-rich, making it an incredibly healthy option for your kitchen. With its spicy kick of chili pepper, this olive oil adds a flavorful twist to any dish.

Ancient Grain Pasta vs. Whole Grain Pasta

Ancient Grain Pasta vs. Whole Grain Pasta

Ancient grain pasta and whole grain pasta are both healthier alternatives to traditional refined pasta, but they differ in a few key ways:

(1) Grain Source: Ancient grain pasta is made from grains that have been around for thousands of years, such as quinoa, spelt, and Tumminia. Whole grain pasta is made from grains that have not been heavily processed or refined, such as whole wheat, whole oats, or brown rice.

(2) Nutrient Profile: Ancient grains tend to be richer in certain nutrients than modern whole grains. For example, Tumminia is high in protein, fiber, iron, magnesium, vitamin B2, B6, B5, B12, zinc, manganese and selenium. No wonder the Roman Soldiers could march 20 miles in 5 hours while carrying 10-100 lb. of gear. 

(3) Digestibility: Ancient grains tend to be easier to digest than modern whole grains, due to their lower gluten content and higher fiber content. Whole grains can be more difficult to digest for some people, especially if they have a gluten intolerance or sensitivity.

(4) Taste and Texture: Ancient grain pasta has a unique taste and texture compared to whole grain pasta. It can be slightly nuttier or earthier in flavor, and the texture may be more delicate or slightly chewier.

Overall, ancient grains are a better choice than whole grains to boost nutrient intake and digestion.

    About Arrabbiata Sauce

    About all'Arrabbiata sauce - Rome, Italy

    Arrabbiata sauce is a classic Italian dish, originating from Rome. Its name literally translates to "angry" due to the fiery heat that comes from ingredients such as chile peppers! Don't be deterred through; this delectable red sauce can be used in an array of dishes for any time of year.

    The classic sugo all'arrabbiata is composed of nothing more than olive oil, garlic, tomatoes and red chile peppers (either dried or fresh). Yet these days it's become popular to spice up the recipe with some extra basil and onion.

    This Arrabbiata sauce recipe is a multifaceted marvel, perfect to be used in pastas, pizzas and subs or as an incredibly tasty dipping sauce.

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