What foods reduce inflammation

(1) Did you know that Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) shares the same pharmacological properties than ibuprofen?

This is why my family and I are committed to produce the best extra virgin olive oil - an EVOO that truly delivers the health benefits you expect. Here are some facts:

• Just like IBUPROFEN, Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) can be considered a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug because it shares the same pharmacological properties to protect cardiovascular health

• EVOO and IBUPROFEN both contain oleocanthal producing the same throat irritating properties - the sudden delicious peppery kick you experience with every spoon of Papa Vince Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

• According to the The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), to assert this claim, the EVOO must contain more than 250 mg kg-1 polyphenols at the time of bottling. Papa Vince's contain 470 mg kg-1 polyphenols.

    (2) Have you ever been told by your doctor to take a 200mg of ibuprofen daily for inflammation?

    The reason for that is that chronic inflammation is one of the main drivers of many diseases, including heart disease, cancer, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and arthritis. Keep in mind that low-level, chronic inflammation is typically mild, but if it exists for years or decades, the possibility of damage is very possible.

    The problem with Ibuprofen is its side-effects.

    Why not consume Extra Virgin Olive Oil in place of Ibuprofen?

    Using EVOO is preventative because it ensures proper cardiovascular health due to its effect to reduce risk of various inflammatory diseases, especially heart diseases

    (3) How much Extra Virgin Olive Oil should you take daily?

    Researchers estimated that olecanthal in 50 ml produce similar effects to 10% of an adult ibuprofen dosage for pain relief. Hence...

    ...you should consume about 50 ml/day of Papa Vince Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

    The volume of the large bottle of Papa Vince's extra virgin olive oil is 500 ml. If you consume 50 ml daily, you will need 3 bottles/month 

    I know you need more of this oil in your body and in you life. I know you want to bless your family with the Gift of Health.

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