Italian Food Gift Basket Gourmet - made in small batches from locally grown organic ingredients by our family in Sicily, Italy


Italian Food Gift Basket Gourmet - made in small batches from locally grown organic ingredients by our family in Sicily, Italy


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Clean Food

  • Every ingredient is grown and harvested locally in Sicily
  • Each product is made by our family in Sicily
  • Every product is made the Italian way: few fresh ingredients of high quality

Food Basket Includes

  • 1 bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Harvest Dec 2021/22 - 3 fl oz
  • 1 bag of Busiate Ancient Grain Tumminia Pasta - 1.1 lb
  • 2 bottles of Cherry Tomato Sauce - 11.6 oz
  • 1 bottle of Balsamic Salad Dressing - 16.91 fl oz
  • 1 bottle of Agrumato Citrus Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 3 fl oz

Overall, this food basket is not just a collection of items; it's a gift of experiences, flavors, and memories that can be cherished and shared, making it a perfect and thoughtful present for Christmas.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil  Features

  • VOLUME: 3 fl oz -each-
  • TWO FLAVORS: Classic EVOO & Citrus EVOO (Orange or Tangerine)
  • FIRST COLD PRESSED - We literally press the juice of the olives & fruit into the bottle
  • HARVEST DATE LISTED - We harvest from Oct - Jan every year
  • SINGLE ESTATE & SINGLE SOURCED - 100% FAMILY MADE from hand picked olives & tangerine/oranges from Sicily, Italy.
  • HEALTHY FAT: Excellent source of mono-unsaturated fat. Great for Ketogenic Diet, Vegan Diet, Mediterranean Diet, Paleo Diet, Whole 30 Diet
  • CITRUS EVOO is NOT AROMATIZED - we do not add a chemical aroma. Instead, we cold-press the olive and the fruit together to create these amazing oils.
  • RICH IN VITAMINS A, B6, E and K1 -  No Synthetic Vitamins Added
  • HIGH POLYPHENOLS: 420 mg/kg at the time of harvest 
  • 4-YEAR SHELF LIFE before opening, due to the high anti-oxidant content
  • LOW ACIDITY (FFA < .26) - the lower the acidity, the better the quality of oil with the highest content of anti-oxidants and essential oils
  • GET READY FOR THE PEPPERY KICK - you will feel it at the back of your throat. This is how you know that Papa Vince is 100% OLIVE JUICE, full of antioxidants & alive with flavor
  • SMOKE POINT > 375º F - The higher the quality, the greater the smoke point

Balsamic Salad Dressing Features

  • CLEAN INGREDIENTS - red wine vinegar, cooked must | no added sulfites | no added sugar | contains trace minerals
  • MADE WITH 3 GRAPE VARIETIES - Catarrato, Inzolia & Moscatello from Sicily | Aged 8 years in cabot & cherry wood without lead lining
  • LOW CARB / LOW CALORIE SEASONING - compatible with Keto Diet, Vegan Diet, Mediterranean Diet, Whole 30 Diet, Paleo Diet
  • 100% FAMILY MADE - in small batches | not mass produced | 100% product of Sicily.

Ancient Grain Tumminia/Timilia Pasta Features

  • CLEAN INGREDIENTS - Semolina flour from Tumminia Wheat | PH balanced spring water 
  • WHOLE GRAIN PASTA - stone ground grain that contains the original bran, endosperm & wheatgerm of the grain | easier to digest | less bloating | contains nutrients unlike refined or enriched pastas
  • NO MORE AFTER-MEAL LETHARGY - high in fiber and natural protein, reduces sugar rush
  • CRAFTED BY ARTISANS - superior taste & texture | nutty flavor  | naturally dark color from the grain
  • TRADITIONAL CORKSCREW SHAPE FROM SICILY - shaped to hang on to the last drop of sauce 
  • LOW GLUTEN FOOD - tumminia wheat is naturally low in gluten

Cherry Tomato  Sauce Features

  • CLEAN FOOD - no artificial additives | no preservatives
  • CLEAN INGREDIENTS |- Tomatoes, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Basil, Sea Salt.
  • NATURALLY SWEET - no added sugar.  Made with VINE RIPENED cherry tomatoes, hand picked for maximum flavor and freshness.
  • LOW ACID - a tomato sauce that can be enjoyed by people with a sensitive stomach.
  • WARM & SERVE serve over freshly cooked pasta or zucchini noodles. 

    Located on the northwest of Sicily lies the famous city of Trapani, known throughout history as a part of the “SALT ROAD”.  Papa Vince Sea Salt is hand harvested here every summer from the Mediterranean waters that are trapped along the shallow coast.  It is an ancient practice that is both ethical and sustainable.


      Clean Eating Food -All our products follow the same quality guidelines:

      Papa Vince’s Products

      No pesticides

      No insecticides

      No herbicides

      Non GMO

      No glyphosate used in farming practice

      No enhancers

      No additives

      No preservatives

      No artificial or natural flavors

      No synthetic fibers

      No synthetic vitamins

      No bleaching

      Generic Oils, Sauces & Pastas





      With glyphosate used in farming practice

      With enhancers

      With Additives

      With Preservatives

      With artificial & natural flavors

      With synthetic fibers

      With synthetic vitamins

      With bleaching

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