4 Tips to Spot Fake Extra Virgin Olive Oil

One of the things people want to know the most is how to spot fake extra virgin olive oil.

Here are 4 simple tips that will help you reduce the chances of purchasing fake extra virgin olive oil by 90%.

How to spot fake extra virgin olive oil?

  • TRANSPARENT CONTAINERS - Extra Virgin Olive oil is extremely sensitive to light and heat. Therefore, good quality extra virgin olive oil, like Papa Vince’s, is always stored in dark bottles to slowdown oxidation and extend the shelf life and freshness of the oil. A transparent container means that the producer does not care about the freshness and quality of his oil.

  • PLASTIC & TIN CONTAINERS - Good quality extra virgin olive oil is always stored in glass bottles. Glass jars keep EVOO fresher for longer, because unlike other packaging materials (plastic, tin and more), glass is inert and needs no chemical layer between it and the food in question. It also doesn't affect the taste of the EVOO. Again, plastic and tin containers are a sure sign of the lower quality of the oil sold.

  • A LONG LIST OF COUNTRIES - A good quality extra virgin olive oil is single sourced from one country, one area, and in Papa Vince's case, one family. A bottle that lists more than one country is a clear hint that the product may be blended.

  • NO HARVEST DATE - Good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil will list the harvest date. BE AWARE that legally, the harvest date and the bottling date are the same. In other words an oil made from olives harvested in 2000 but bottled in 2020 will display a harvest date of 2020. We, at Papa Vince, believe this is dishonest.

When it comes to fat to enhance health, quality does matter. If your goal is long term health, then consuming high quality extra virgin olive oil is not an option but a necessity.

Find below a study published at the New England Journal of Medicine:

Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease with a Mediterranean Diet

The study shows that when it comes to the consumptions of fats to prevent cardiovascular diseases, extra virgin olive oil is undefeated!!

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