Fresh Harvested Extra Virgin Olive Oil

My Family Makes It!

My family has been growing, harvesting, pressing and bottling Extra Virgin Olive Oil since 1935. My mission is to rescue the AUTHENTIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil by introducing you to its REAL flavor. Though it is true that there is plenty of hanki panki in the industry of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, there is one thing they cannot do: They cannot imitate the taste, the pungency, and the peppery sensation produced in the back of your throat by the anti-oxidants present in the AUTHENTIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Why should you taste the AUTHENTIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Because all the reading in the world isn’t going to mean a thing unless you can connect it to the sensory experience – the aroma and taste of the AUTHENTIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Therefore the purpose of tasting your Extra Virgin Olive Oil straight is keeping you from becoming a pray to scammers. [CLICK HERE] to order your $0.99 sample

What should you expect from Papa Vince’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

You should expect an Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is extremely aromatic and full of flavor. Why? Because the flavors in AUTHENTIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil are directly connected to the freshness of the fruit at the time of pressing. At Papa Vince’s we only press the fruit of the olive at its peak of maturity. As a result, Papa Vince’s EVOO is full of anti-oxidants you can taste.

When I demo, I hear customer after customer saying, “I CAN TASTE THE OLIVES” and then wonder why they can also taste tomatoes, artichokes and even citruses. I usually answer, ” Don’t you know that AUTHENTIC Raw Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the juice of the olives? Besides, good artisan EVOO picks the flavor from the vegetation in the area. Yes, we grow tomatoes, artichokes and lemons in Sicily, just right next to our olives orchards.” They look at me with delight and extreme amazement!!! Once You taste Papa Vince’s “TRUE AUTHENTIC” Raw Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you no longer will be fooled by the EVOO industry. In fact, you will become a positive force toward saving the “REAL” Extra Virgin Olive Oil from extinction.

Would you help me preserve the REAL AUTHENTIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

(1) The first thing you must do is get your sample. Once you taste the REAL Authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil you will understand my drive and my passion.

(2) The second thing you can do is joining the Papa Vince Army. When you do so, you will automatically enter our monthly 1-Bottle-Give-Away sweepstake and get a chance to win a FREE bottle of Papa Vince’s EVOO. As a Member you will also receive email with exclusive product discounts, secret family recipes and tips. I WANT TO JOIN NOW – CLICK HERE.