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Vitina-Feo-Organic-Extra-Virgin-Olive-OilDo you love Extra Virgin Olive Oil? My family has been growing, harvesting, pressing and bottling Extra Virgin Olive Oil since 1935. As an Italian Immigrant who has been living in the USA for more than 20 years, I often wondered how could I repay this nation which has been so generous to my family and I. In March, 2013, my husband and I decided that it was time to share the best of our family and our land with you: Papa Vince’s Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO).

What makes Papa Vince’s Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil so special?

GrandPa’s mono-cultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil is so authentic, that no expertise is needed!!! Do you see those happy customers in the scrolling slide above? I hear them, one after another, saying, “I CAN TASTE THE OLIVES” and then wonder why they can also taste tomatoes, artichokes and even citruses. I usually asnwer, ” Don’t you know that Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the juice of the olives? Besides, good artisan EVOO picks the flavor from the pollen in the area. Yes, we grow tomatoes, artichokes and lemons in Sicily, just right next to our olives orchards. Everybody does.” They look at me with delight and extreme amazement!!!

Once you taste our “TRUE AUTHENTIC” Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you no longer will be fooled by the EVOO industry. That is our goal – to raise the standard by introducing people like you to the real taste of artisan EVOO.

Will you buy a bottle today and help us spread the word? Your support is appreciated more than you realize. To shop click here. To check our chemical analysis ( since we do not have anything to hide) click here.

We love you all and thanks from the very bottom of our heart

Vitina and Stefano Feo.